They say every city has a soul, a living entity that emerges from the people that connects them in unique and meaningful ways. Ever Fine Jewelry was born in the heart of LA, inspired by the city’s artful soul and bold & beautiful community.

Our timeless designs are flawlessly engineered and inspired by the intrinsic beauty of our daily routine. We believe in being in-the-moment, not of-the-moment. Our innovative yet warmly familiar designs are brought to life with high quality materials and hand-picked brilliant gemstones. Every aspect of jewelry-making is (and should be) uniquely yours, not only in its form but also in its meaning.

Each style is designed to be worn everyday, everywhere. They are handmade to become everlasting fine jewelry that’s comfortable, versatile and generational. Aside from quality and design, we consider customer-relations our most valued currency. We provide the highest standards of production and communication because instilling your trust in us isn't something we take lightly. We started this company with the values we grew up on: respect, trust and dedication, and that’s how we continue to run today. Ever Fine Jewelry will always create unique pieces that are committed to quality and dedicated to the details.


Every piece is made in Los Angeles, specifically for you. We work closely with a team of master jewelers to create each piece individually - no mass production and no overseas manufacturing. We meticulously inspect and quality-check every step of the process to make sure your jewelry is never compromised. 


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